Kollectiva ltd is a new company that operates in the traditional food and drinks. The main purpose is the search, selection and concentration, of high quality products, from selected Greek producers throughout the Greek territory and join the family of "Kollectiva Aegean Flavours", offering a high aesthetic nutritional proposal. All products are grown and produced in Greece, and harvested from the best Greek agricultural producers with extensive experience in the food industry, both in Greece and worldwide, with continuous distributions and exports around the world. Kollectiva having more than 100 products (Pasta, Sauces, Jams, Jams, Honey, Wine, Oil, Vinegar, Snails, Salt, Liqueurs, pate, olive paste, olives, salads, compotes, Traditional sweets, aromatic herbs) continues to search for new taste for particular products and traditional dishes from all over Greece. All products are tested and approved by the General State Laboratory.

Όλα τα προϊόντα έχουν δοκιμαστεί και εγκριθεί από το Γενικό Χημείο του Κράτους.